Running and owning a business is no light matter. The marketplace is a competitive and often cutthroat world. Through the year, entrepreneurs and small businesses put their best foot forward to impress upon their clients that they mean ‘business’. The holiday season offers a window of opportunity for corporations of all shapes and sizes to spread some holiday cheer among their clients without losing the professional edge.

Holiday Voice Messages

Voice messages are an important communication tool that helps start-ups and upcoming businesses to express their corporate identity.

As people wind down towards the end of the year, the focus tends to shift from work to the fun, festivities, and vacations. The change in mood creates a setting where business owners can alter the courteous, professional voice messages that greet their clients to a slightly more holiday version. The advantage of having a customized voice over for the holidays is that not only does it creates the right mood for clients who call in, it also tells them that the enterprise is open to change and can adapt to the change in mood.

Holiday voice message need not be a completely new version of the existing one. A slight change in tone with a bit more cheer and frolic, or an additional message appended to the regular message can make all the difference. The voice message could also be altered for the different departments of the enterprise. For instance, the human resources department could have their specific message while the IT or the marketing department can add their own touch to the voice messages.

Stay Professional, Stay Courteous

In all the fun and festivities, one must not forget that the voice messages must not lose their professional and courteous tone. The messages are meant for clients who may call up the enterprise.