Any customer will admit that messages to listen to are better than blaring, tinny music or a “Your call will be answered shortly” loop. But there are some things that entice customers, new and established, to hang up. Remember that consumers have a global marketplace to find what they need so it is even harder to prevent hang ups that it used to be. Once a business has invested in an on-hold message program, it needs to be sure to use it effectively.

  • “Check our website”: Probably the most exasperating message a customer can hear is this one. It screams “we do not really want to deal with you”. Outsourcing your own customers to your website is a cheap shot and assumes the customer did not already try that and dismisses their desire to talk to a real person. Newsflash: many issues need a human!
  • Facts that make people feel inadequate: When calling to get help with a problem, customers are likely stressed, pressed for time and inconvenienced. The last thing they want to hear is an actress’ voice over that states “Did you know that 8/10 problems are the result of user error?” Great, customers are reaching out for help and their business is telling them they are at fault. Definitely going to be able to up sell these ones later! Not!
  • Survey options: Asking customers if they are willing to take a survey before they have even talked to someone is infuriating. It tells customers that a business cares about its customers’ reviews over and above the customers themselves. When consumers are waiting for help, the last thing they are thinking about is a survey and they likely do not even know how they feel about taking a survey yet. Gotta deep six this one.