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Welcome Greeting & Menu Prompts

If you can’t always answer that call immediately, a professionally-voiced Welcome Greeting will be the first thing your customer will hear. This greeting confirms they’ve called the right place and will soon be connected to someone who can help. It can also showcase your company slogan and introduce your brand.

Many businesses also use a menu prompt within their Welcome Greeting. A menu prompt lists the different departments within a business and advises the caller how to connect with the department of their choice. e.g. “Press 1 for Sales”

It’s important that a Welcome Greeting and menu prompt must warm and engaging, yet clear and professional. Our experienced audio producers and voice talents are experts at mixing all these elements into a winning blend.


Business Voicemail Greeting

A Business Voicemail Greeting for your phone system is a necessity. When someone calls after hours, they need to know they’ve called the right place…but at the wrong time. When that happens, you can tell them the best time to call back or invite them to leave a message.

If you don’t use a business voicemail greeting – get one soon and engage with your potential customers 24/7. Ask for a quote today!

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Benefits of OHVO Phone Voice Overs


  • Over 30 experienced voice talents from Radio & TV  to choose from.
  • Phone Voice Overs create a positive first impression.
  • They reduce caller hang ups.
  • They direct callers to the right place.
  • Adds professionalism to your brand.
  • Educates, upsells and entertains 24/7.
  • One Time Cost. Affordable Pricing.
  • Royalty-free, high-quality On Hold music.
  • They reduce caller hang ups. (*This is worth repeating!)


Unlike many businesses who claim no hidden costs and all that – we actually mean it. But if you need a wee variation, just contact us for a quote.
We can tailor a package to suit you for a similar VERY affordable price – Just Ask!

Welcome Greeting & Voicemail Greetings a max of 30 seconds. Enquire for longer.


All prices shown are in USD. One-Off Cost



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Very efficient, professional and friendly. The ideas they added to our script were great!


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Fast and hassle free. Pricing is very affordable too!


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