‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’

-Helen Keller

Businesses big and small are coming around to the idea that to create a great workplace and even better customer experience the power of teamwork can do so much more than one individual.

Companies are beginning to focus on how they can build and support a teamwork environment to harness this human powerhouse of a resource.
Creating a great team doesn’t just happen out of thin air however, everybody needs to work together and commit to fostering a great team environment.

If you’re planning to start out and build a top-notch team based workplace you’ll need a few guidelines to help you on your way.

  • Help your team reach the goals set by defining them clearly and ensuring that they achievable.
  • Be sure each team member knows the tasks and responsibilities for their role.
  • Be calm and clear when dealing with team conflict and be sure everyone on the team knows the appropriate processes when conflict arises.
  • Enable clear communication by detailing a plan for reporting and information.
  • Don’t forget to reward and praise excellent work and achievement.

While stating clear guidelines and setting goals are fantastic ways to start building a great team it’s important to realize that you must value the different skills and personality idiosyncrasies that each team member brings to the environment. A great way to see how personalities will work together and build trust with other team members is to see them in action during team building activities and events.

Team building exercises don’t have to be the boring trust falls and abseiling which has been common in recent years, there are many different ways to bolster the team from skills learning workshops to weekends away, or even fun public crawls if you have the right kind of team and business.

Whatever you choose be sure that you touch on the 3 key ways that a healthy functional team develops.

  • Improving communications.
  • Building trust.
  • Eliminating stereotypes.

Take your team to the next level by focusing on teambuilding and strengthening team culture in the workplace.
A happy inclusive team can only mean happy customers, and that’s just good business.