These days, more and more small and mid-sized companies are saying goodbye to landline telephones and are embracing VOIP, or the Voice Over IP. VOIP has a wide array of useful features that traditional telephony cannot offer. Instead of regular phone conversations, VOIP manages the transmission of voice information through your IP network.

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VOIP Benefits

Generally speaking, while the major disadvantage of VOIP is high initial cost (to buy hardware), this is outbalanced by a lot of advantages. Below are only some of them.

Multiple functions – Voicemail, speed dialing, call waiting, toll free numbers, call forwarding, and remote operation. Most business VoIP providers also offer voicemail transcription, virtual phone numbers, Music on Hold (MoH), and teleconferencing.

Cost savings in the long run – No more expensive long-distance bills. No need to install new telephone lines. No more costly phone maintenance costs. Much cheaper than PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

Technical flexibility – Administrators can easily add, change, or delete users, without the need of assistant from technicians. Your IT staff can therefore be more productive in their work. It is very possible to fully integrate the system with other communication software.

Increases business productivity – Your employees can log in even they are at home. VOIP is not only limited to laptops, but is also applicable to mobile phone users. This allows your staff and clients to be always connected, wherever they are.

Upload Voice Overs and Hold Music to your phone system easily, commonly through a web based control panel.


With the above benefits of a Voice Over IP phone system, it is safe to conclude that your business is on its way to increase its profits. This is because you will be more flexible in dealing with your clients and your monthly expenses are significantly reduced.

To further increase the chance of converting callers to clients, we highly recommend using on hold voiceovers. Although music is a good choice for entertaining your callers while waiting for you, it is better if you use this chance to provide them the additional information they need to know mixed with music.

Here at OHVO, we offer male and female voiceovers that fit to any kind of message for your business.

Our services are compatible with leading New Zealand VOIP providers such as Kiwilink ( and 2Talk (

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