It’s easy to get sucked into the world of automated production and offshore offers, which offer cheap and economic solutions to recorded phone message needs, but is it the most conducive to long-term brand image and upkeep of positive client impact? Probably not!

The argument for quality over quantity has long been pushed in various aspects of business and daily life, if for nothing else than practical purposes. It’s true that first impressions last so, therefore, it’s best to build a positive first impression, one based on quality production features (rather than a ‘one of ten’ at a discounted price).

See, people pay attention, and while it’s smart to save money and get bulk needs met, it’s often at the expense of premium voice talents and production – something which will be noticeable at every recorded message play and hold engagement.

Because recorded voice content has a fixed impact over a set amount of time, doesn’t it make more sense to invest in a Quality over Quantity? After all, sub-par content only removes potential revenue in client impression, income which is better spent on a good job in the first place, saving time, effort and money.

There’s a noticeable difference in big commercial brand holding music and messages when contrasted to budget small-business groups. Clearly, some smaller businesses are aware of the impact recorded messages have, and they invest in quality production and a quality experienced voice talent accordingly, but more often than not, small businesses snub the one-off extra payment, believing ‘no-one will notice’.

However clients, consumers, associates and leads, all notice, experience and value good production. It is a testament to your brand values and has the potential to set you apart from your competitors. So what will it be, Quality or Quantity? We’ll let you decide.